Effects in Film Archives

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

We love all films, but the founders of EonEntertainment Inc have a fondness for creature films and science fiction. These are the guys who would by the DVD for the extras, not the film.

EonEntertainment, Inc has has gained access to an unprecedented archive of behind-the-scenes video, photos and artwork from some of the most iconic films in the last 30 years. This archive cover the entire career of special effects legend Steve Johnson and his team of artists at XFX.

Films range from Videodrome, Ghostbusters, The Abyss, Cat In The Hat, Spiderman, Blade and more, all the way up to Where The Wild Things Are. We are going to show you footage, photos and art that you have never seen anywhere else before. And some that you have, but it will still be amazing.

Our mission is to preserve and present a legacy of film archives in a way that is entertaining and educational so that the world and its future generations will be able to appreciate, understand and enjoy the history of movie making. Photos and film have short shelf lives. Video tape has an even shorter life. To ensure this material is around for future generations, EonEntertainment Inc digitizes everything in the highest possible quality.

If you have archives in need of digital preservation, please contact us.