Back Into the Abyss

BackIntoTheAbyss-DVD-cover-NEW2"It has to be glass clear, self illuminate, AND it has to work under water."

Back Into the Abyss takes us into the depths of the creation of the NTI creatures from The Abyss. We've heard from many people that they thought the angel-like creatures in this film were computer generated.

Steve Johnson takes us into his shop and shows us just how real these animatronic aliens were, and the challenges faced with operating them in a giant tank of water. This is a two disk set. We have so many hours of raw footage that we just couldn't cut it down enough to fit onto one disk. There's just too much cool stuff to see. In addition to the hours of footage from Steve's shop (and his house where they did some underwater tests in Steve's own pool), there are hundreds of photos.